Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thank You From Team Vada

This year I made a goal to raise $3,000.00 in honor of Team Vada. I am proud to announce that our goal was met! Team Vada raised $3,001.86. Together we did it! Thank you to all who donated and for those of you who could make it out into the cold weather, the day of the walk. We're sincerely looking forward to walking with you during next years walk!

Sedona Staffing
Raney Tree Service
Whitey's Ice Cream
SSAB of Iowa
Donut Delite

Augie and Suzan Svatek
Jim and Annette Wilson
Clark Purnell
Carey Chapman
The Gillespie Family
Roxann Witt and Family
Cindy Mcdaniel
The Kronberg Family
David Moulds
The Pinkerton Family
The Hernandez Family
The Neels Family
Dorris Wilson
Kenneth Fuller
The Terwilleger Family
Brenda McDaniel
Carol Swenson
Lou Peterson
Cissy Wendt
Jessica Witt and Family
Rhonda McKinnley
The Veto Family
The Wilson Family
The Swords Family
Jasmine Houck

Thank you.

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Ilisa Ailts said...

Amazing! Great job!!