Sunday, October 14, 2012

Right Foot, Left Foot, Kick and Dance

Jasmine is such a good sport. She is always willing to be photographed doing the things that I am doing with Vada, so that I am able to share it through the blog. I personally don't care to have my pictures taken (especially since I have gained fifteen pounds but who's counting). Luckily for me, I don't have to be in all to the pictures because as of now Jasmine says that she would like to be a therapist, so she is constantly asking to try what V and I are working on and I am constantly letting her while clicking away with the camera!

I had Jasmine work with Vada on kicking a ball. Using her right foot came naturally to Vada. She has always favored her right side. Kicking came pretty naturally as well. I was surprised at how well she did! Our reading program that we use has the sight word 'kick' and while we were reading that word, the other day, I kept showing Vada what 'kick' was and she began doing it herself, which in return gave me this idea.

Vada does lean against her sister while kicking and since was the first try we let her do it anyway that felt natural to her. She didn't need much support either by leaning or by bearing her weight on her sisters arm. 

We took her jeans off because without shoes they are so baggie and they kept getting in the way. 

On a side note for those who may be curious about how potty training is going... At home, the majority of the time V is in underwear verses being in pull-ups and besides the night time diapers that she sleeps in overnight we have done away with diapers altogether. We are doing a timed schedule of taking her to the bathroom every forty-five to sixty minutes and that seems to be making al of the difference! Potty training is in my opinion rather successful right now.

In the picture below Vada is standing on her own and only slightly touching her sister as she kicks! Rather impressive, if I do say so myself!

Working on Vada's left side was a bit more tricky than working on her right side but V is really easy going and really gives 100%, so she was up for trying this out.

P.S. Don't even get me started on the fact that V ends up getting kneed down! --You'll unfortunately see what i'm talking about in the video because I couldn't figure out how to edit it out. Take note however, that I did tell Jasmine's friend to watch out for Vada. With that being said.. err.. wrote, check out V's sick moves and pay no attention to the pants being pulled up to her chest... therapy may be needed later in life for this one...

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