Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 for 21: TEAM VADA Needs You

This Saturday is our local Down syndrome awareness walk. It'll be our third year in a row for participating and I am looking forward to going. Actually, I am giddy with excitement. Next to the Gala this walk is one of the events I look forward to all year! 

This year I made "TEAM VADA's" fundraising goal $3000.00, I think I may have over estimated things a bit but we are SO stinking close to reaching this goal!!! Currently TEAM VADA has met 89% of our goal, leaving a remainder of $328.00 to raise! Not bad, not bad at all but I still have high hopes of Raising the amount that I set out to raise and that's where you might come in. Can you help TEAM VADA? Have you donated to TEAM VADA already? We. Need. You!

Time is running out, come this Saturday they will be adding everything up to determine who raised the most in first and second place amounts. If TEAM VADA comes in for first place then Vada will have her picture on a large window of GiGi's this time! In a few months the photo from last year is coming down and I don't want to stop seeing her sweet face every time I drive by GiGi's Playhouse. I love that she gets to be one of the beauties up there changing the way people look at individuals with Down syndrome, so please, if you haven't made your donation yet, please do so now. It will make all of the difference no matter what the amount is for!

Here is a direct link to VADA's Donation Page:

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