Friday, October 12, 2012

Change of Plans

What was once going to be our classroom has now turned into a full blown project and our soon-to-be bedroom.

Our bedroom was never much of a room, more like a spot or a corner where our bed sat. It was good enough but there wasnt any real privacy. It was at the bottom of our basement stairs. You had to walk through our space to get to the classroom, the laundry room and even our second bathroom. So when Justin changed his mind about building a bedroom where the classroom was suppose to be, I was for it and a little nervous about where we would put all of our stuff...

In Four days Justin built us a bedroom.

There are some final details that still need to be finished but we are getting ready to move our bed into its very own room! The classroom will moved into where we used to sleep and hopefully, all will be done by the end of the year! There is a lot left to do but man, its like were walking into a whole new house now. I cant stand the mess or the dust all over but it is all well worth it! And I cant wait to share the final results!

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