Monday, October 1, 2012

31 for 21: Day One

October is National Down syndrome awareness month and I am going to attempt doing my second year of 31 for 21, a Down syndrome awareness blogging effort to post valuable information everyday in the month of October.

Id like to start off with something that I have heard on so many occasions and a comment that is the most recited phrase by people who encounter Vada and my family, it is that "Individuals with Down syndrome are always so happy and loving." 

While it's true that Vada is a happy girl and that she is easy going and loving as well, Vada, just like my older children and just like you and me, has all kinds of emotions and abilities. Down syndrome has not limited her emotions and behaviors or likes and dislikes.

Vada's nature is one of a person who is easy going and happy but let me show you just a handful of photos of some of the many faces Vada shares...

When she is sick, she is not happy. She tries to be in good spirits but sometimes a cold can get the best of her and she gets grumpy.

She has sass, or personality as her grandpa likes to call it.

She is a very determined little girl and often times she is very independent as well!

Even at the young age of two and a half years old Vada has "a look" that she gives when she is not fully satisfied with a situation. And there is no mistaking "the look".

Vada is creative.

She is outgoing. 

 She is goofy.

And she likes to pretend.

Vada is capable of learning and more importantly, she wants to learn.

She has a special relationship with each member in our family, distinct bonds that cant be replicated or broken.

And yes, she loves.

It's important to me that people look past Vada's diagnosis and see her for the person that she is. I know that initially this may seem like a hard thing for me to ask, Vada wears her diagnosis on her face. Down syndrome and individuals who have Down syndrome have been given a raw deal of discrimination and nastiness do to lack of knowledge in regards to their diagnosis but I promise you that if you can open your eyes, minds and hearts she will show you that she is just a little girl who is no different than other children.

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