Thursday, October 11, 2012


Once a week I take Vada to a music class called Kindermusik. Its a local group but can also be found throughout the U.S. Our group is geared towards tots and their parents. This semester we are doing a class called Milk and Cookies, so the songs we are focusing on have a little something to so with food, like To Market, To Market. With each class you get thee cute bags with instruments and books for your child to take home but it is also what we are doing in class as well. Its fun to sing and dance and play together in a group but most importantly is the one on one time that Vada and I have outside of the home. 

This last week, Jasmine and Kiliegh happened to be home during our Kindermusik time, so I invited them both to come with Vada and I to see what it was all about. Kiliegh really enjoyed herself and Jasmine was fine with being there, just this once but it was a bit "young" for her taste. Either way, all three of my girls were there and that made for a nice evening.  

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