Thursday, October 18, 2012

Her New Kicks

Vada and I picked up her SMO's today. They came just as we requested, hot pink for Jasmines favorite color, neon green for Kiliegh's and multi-colored cushions --just because. 

Pretty cute, huh?

The only problem... finding shoes to fit these hunky chunks.

Our first stop was at Kohl's where we found several cute pairs of shoes...

...only none of them fit properly.

Our next stop was at one of my fav's, Tar-jay aka Target. We had the same problem here, in fact I didn't even try a single shoe on Vada, I already knew they wouldn't do.

Then we went to Gordman's.  Tons of c.u.t.e. shoes that she could rock but none that would rock the orthesis.

Our final stop was at a little shop called Rogan's Shoes. They had a couple of shoes to select from and one fit just right!

She was wiped out from all the store hopping.
Vada went from a shoe size of a  4 1/2-5 to a size 7 1/2, if that tells you how bulky the orthoses (sp?) are.  I love that I found NB's for her that are both cute and that actually match the green and pink of the orthoses. But im not overly thrilled with the velcro. I was so excited that I had found a shoe that fit that I overlooked the fact that I had really wanted a shoe with laces. Rogan's has a no wear and return policy and rightfully so. So these are what Vada gets. I'll keep my eyes open for more ideas for the next pair and be happy that it only took four stores this time to find shoes! 


Lacey said...

I'm glad you found some! I have some friends that have some great shoes they recommend with those. I'd have to ask again though because I can't remember!!

We Can Do All Things said...

Looking cute Veda!

EN said...

Josie sometimes wears slipper socks over hers. Walgreens has a brand called Skidders. They have traction on the bottom but they're not nearly as heavy or bulky as her Sure Steps brand shoes. You may want to try them for around the house :-)