Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Is How I Roll

Today, the day before Monday, the day that's more like a Saturday because of the holiday tomorrow. 

Tonight, the night before a the first of a new week and for our children its the night before a school day because regardless of the holiday, its still a Sunday. 

Tonight... Is kind of a free-for-all in my house because tomorrow isholiday and there is no school. I'm kind of antsy and want to throw caution to the wind and the kids are kind of bored! 

So I turned Pandora onto Pump Up The Jam radio station and then turned the music up real loud (or as loud as a two and a half year old can handle). 

 I told Kiliegh that she was my babysitter while I went into the basement to change a load of laundry. 

I cooked mashed potatoes and Ramen noodles for dinner --real healthy, right. --That's not a question, I already know the answer! 

 I put on one of Kiliegh's hip skirts with her and then I danced, danced, danced! Man, am I on fire tonight, or what! --Again, not a question. 

Ha! This is the life of a stay at home mom. 

Well, this is the life, my life and this is how I roll!!

Oh and my children.., well, they never have any fun!


P.S. I haven't even changed a dirty diaper --in two days!

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my family said...

you all look like you dont have fun like we dont have fun HAHA

enjoy your last day of summer. We already were in the groove then school was canceled four days this past week due to hurricane isaac so weve had another nice long break