Saturday, September 8, 2012

From Blah to Oh La La

I have always wanted a picnic basket. That may age me a bit but it's true. Our church often gets together for pot lucks where we not only bring a dish to share we also bring our own place settings (which in my opinion is such a great idea).  

My firend Kathee brings hers in a picnic basket and I often admire it's cuteness and think of what I would do to it to make it more me. That's why when Justin and I began scoping out the "junk" at our yearly neighborhood yard sales I was really excited to have found not one but five different picnic baskets to choose from. 

Each basket had something wrong with it, like a hole, a broken handle or a stain like on the one that I chose to buy but this is the one that I fancied the most and I had a plan.

I got out the primer.

Then I got out the paint and I changed a old picnic basket into a new one!