Friday, September 7, 2012

Please Help

For the last two years I have saved up all of the change I have found lying around the house and what I find our jeans pockets when I am doing laundry. Last year I just added it to the large amount of donations and didnt pay much attention to it. last year I was on a mission to get V's photo on the window of GiGi's Playhouse! So the amount of change didnt matter to me. 

This year I decided to count it. I wanted to again donate it to GiGi's put I wanted to do it online and I didn't want to wait until the bank opened today to do so.

The exact amount was donated to GiGi's, however, the exact amount doesn't really matter here but let me just say that there was over two hundred dollars! This got me thinking about my goal this year. I wanted to earn three thousand dollars in total. I now that may sound unreasonable but last year I (with the help of my husband and his parents) raised almost five thousand dollars and that didn't include the walk registrations! I'm going to be honest, its not looking so good this year. Donations seem scarce this year and I get that, I do, it's just that I think we can al do something even if it is only using the change from our change jars. So Whats in your change jar and are you willing to put it towards a good cause?

Here is the direct link to "Team Vada's" donation page. Wont you please help? The link is quick and secure, plus you can do it anonymously and again, its for a great cause, promoting Down syndrome awareness and to fund GiGi's Playhouse of the QC"s. ;) 

Thanks friends!

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