Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Books and Blocks

This morning I had to take Little Bits to the doctors. She has been coughing and has had a runny nose for a few days but last night the gooey nose went into her eyes and this morning she could barely open them, which is typical for her when she has an ear infection or a head cold of almost any kind. Anyway the doctor confirmed that she does have an ear infection as well as pink eye (in both eyes) and a possible staph infection on her bottom. When V gets colds they kind of wipe her out and she tends to have multiple things going on at one time, like she does now. Were starting her on an antibiotic and some drops for her eyes and she should be good to go by the end of the week!

We ended up taking the morning slowly. We read her color books, did block shape puzzles and watched a show called what's in the Bible pt.1. She's taking a nap right now so I thought that i would jump on and show you what we did for learning. Even though she isn't feeling well, she really enjoyed these easy low stimulating activities.

Both Vada's 'I Know My Colors book Set' and her 'Fit A Shape Boards' came from Lakeshore Learning. The books are pretty self explanatory, their books and we read them. Vada's attention for the great big books was huge (pun intended) I pointed to each large font word as I read them out loud and we stopped to admire the colored objects through out the pages. The books themselves are quite short with only a few pages per book but she had fun looking through them with me.

Next, we did one of my favorite learning shapes activities, the beginning shape sorter puzzles. I like these because of the quality of them, they are wood and not plastic. Plus, each shape is its own puzzle and has a vibrant color painted onto it.

Right now when Vada and I do these I put all of the shapes into a pile and then I have her pick up a shape of her choice. Once she has a shape I grab the matching bottom piece and ask her to place her piece into mine. 

When she chooses a shape I acknowledge which shape she chose as well as the color. As she fits the shape into their place I take that particular pair out of her reach so that we can move onto a new shape set.

  It may seem pretty simple but the repetitiveness of this game will help her learn shapes and colors along with other motor skills.


We Can Do All Things said...

OHHHH, I love those books and puzzle. So much fun

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy that wooden shape sorter puzzle?