Sunday, September 9, 2012

Riding A Rollercoaster

I love Sundays, I really do but today has been like a roller coaster ride from you know where! 

I started off on the highest peek of my ride because I love going to church and today was extra special for me because it was my week to work in the preschool room and my Jazzy girl began helping me with it as well.

After the preschool room and then following the Sunday school hour my blood sugar plummeted. I quickly began to feel dizzy, shaky and in general, I felt pretty crappy so I went into the church kitchen and had some bread and wine, eerrr.. I mean orange juice and that seemed to help. 

Climbing back up another peek, I walked into the sanctuary to be pleasantly surprised with a guest speaker who I enjoyed listening to immensely. He was young, funny and kept my interest the whole time, not that I loose interest in our church services, because I don't.., well most of the time I stay pretty focused but sometimes it is hard to stay on track. Im just being honest here, I dont think that i'm gonna go to Hell for it or anything, ;) but that whole bread and wine comment, well, Jesus may give me a little slap on the hands for that one. Ya never know.

Anyway, I felt good for about an hour and then I went through all of the same hypoglycemic feelings that I had felt early in the morning. It didnt last too long since we were heading to lunch any how. So there was another high/low/high point.

Once we all got home it was at-ti-tude from the oldest, feeling shaking again from me but then I got the bonus of feeling like I was going to throw up as well and then laminating. Yes, you read that correctly, through all of this I started to laminate Vada's preschool curriculum "stuff". And I am sure I looked pretty pathetic doing do too! I laid on my dining room floor, next to my laminator and with my blanky (what-evah!) covering my cold spots.

While I was laminating, Kiliegh and Vada played with some play-doh.

This was V's first time playing with play-doh for a prolonged amount of time and she really seemed to enjoy it.

You could totally tell that she wasn't overly confident in what the colored goop was actually for but none the less, she kept playing with it.

Kiliegh is an old play-doh pro, however.

And she is a good play-doh teacher as well.

Vada got her in some Daddy time tonight as well. They played on the iPad and did some of her learning apps together.

I however am still feeling sick. The ups and downs are coming and going and I feel so uncomfortable from all that I have ate throughout the day! Im hoping that I will wake up feeling refreshed and me again!

Really though, besides feeling sick, and the attitude that comes with a preteen, today was a beautiful day because we were all together!

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EN said...

Wow! Vada is totally working "the face"! Josie would be so proud :-)