Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Focusing on Blue: Day Six of Blueberries For Sal

Today we spent most of our time focusing on the actual color 'blue' verses the theme of our week which is blueberries from Blueberries For Sal. Since I had a lot of blue activities left to do, I actually added an extra day to our "row".

We stated out by reading this "Big Book" that I got in a set that we ordered from Lakeshore Learning.

Then we worked on a activity that I downloaded from Kids Learning Station. I couldn't find a lapbook to download and print for Blueberries For Sal like I did for most of the other BFIAR books, so I had to find my own worksheets this week.

We then continued with more blue color recognition with another fun color game. This one came from  Learning Resources.

Next, Vada colored a worksheet that I downloaded from Twisty Noodle. I gave Vada a colored pencil to use for coloring this page. She did such a great job! I noticed specifically with the "jeans" that she colored on and in both of the "legs", which was a huge milestone!

Vada also colored a page from one of her Kumon books. This page had three coloring steps verses the one step that her carrot coloring page had during our last row. 

Vada did a very good job at coloring this page but she was very stubborn about doing the actual steps. I had to be very firm about "only color here" and "only color here".  She yelled at me a little but in the end, she followed my instructions and she did a pretty good job.

The next coloring activity that Vada did was a "B" is for Blueberry page, basically a filler for her journal but she loves to color and it was another way to use blue.

Check out the grasps this girl has on the crayon! 

We had another opportunity to practice cutting and pasting by cutting out the mason jar that Vada "filled" with Do-A-Dot "blueberries" the other day and then gluing it to a blue piece of paper to go into her journal.

This was our final craft and our final activity in our blueberry row. We had such a good learning week and did a lot of fun things together as a family. I really enjoyed reading Blueberries For Sal and watching it being read on the Scholastic's DVD that we have. I'm really looking forward to our next row!

Our companion books this week were:

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