Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Would He Wear? Jesse Bear: Day Two

Today we got to add to our "Days in School" number chart! Obviously, we will be adding to it every day that we do school but there was something extra special about days one and two. I think that I will also be excited when we hit then tens and then the hundreds place marks, but I had to share the little bit of progress that the chart has already made! If you like this chart and want one for your classroom morning board, you can download yours from Homeschool Creations.

...and I just realized, (only) a day after first posting this, that I have been using this chart incorrectly. Do you see where? Lol! And I am suppose to be the teacher! HA! 

After our morning routine we started by reading two Jesse Bear books, the first book was How Do You Say It, Jesse Bear? and then we read our BFIAR book Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? I gave Vada ten Teddy Graham cookies to snack on while I was reading to her but she couldn't snack on them until we counted them first! She did slip one into her mouth on number three, very quickly, thanked me, and then continued to put the bears into her bowl as I counted out loud for her. She is such a stinker!

Vada even shared her snack with her bear.

Vada finished coloring her color recognition book. Now I will laminate it and put a couple of hooks in it to hold it together and we will continue to read through it, for fun and memory.

Next we focused on the main theme of this weeks book, what Jesse Bear should wear and what makes it appropriate and why.
The "What will you use?" pages were downloaded from  and is part of a file folder game called What's the Weather?".
The sheet above had four photo cards that went into squares on the actual page. I handed the photos to Vada and as I was giving the pictures to Vada I explained what the photos were and why we needed them and when we would use them, how we would use them and I then told her stories about us going to the pool this summer.

For Jesse Bears' ourfit below I compared the pieces of "clothes" to what she was wearing and also to the worksheet photos above. I also told her a made up story of how Jesse wanted to go to the beach so we had to help him get dressed to he wouldn't get too hot!

The "Weather Bear paper doll" was downloaded from Danielle's Place.

We did the same scenario above and below with the "rain" weather sheet and the "snow" weather sheet. We dressed Jesse appropriately to go with the weather worksheet and I told stories to go along with what we were doing. I also did a lot of motions and signs. Like the sign for 'rain' and 'cold'.

Below Vada is signing 'rain'.

For Vada's BFIAR Journal we also had a activity on "What Should I Wear?"

Together, her and I spent some time first coloring the page and talking about the characters on the page, what they were wearing and possibly why the were wearing it.

We then cur the characters out using loop scissors and then pasted the people in the correct places.

We worked on some color recognition journaling pages.

We then began to work on our Letter of the Week refresher for Letter 'A'.

For the capital 'A', Vada used Do-A-Dot paints in the three "apple" colors that we have been using.

For the lowercase 'a', Vada used tempera paint, also in the tree apple colors. I gave her QTips to use as paint brushes, however, we do actually own several paintbrushes. Right now, I like to use QTips with Vada to help her work on her grasp and on her fine motor skills.

We worked on some of our activity pages from our Letter of the Week letter 'A' binder. Vada did great with this a-p-p-l-e page. I lined up the letters and as I did it I said the sound for each letter (The 'a' says "ahh", the 'b' says "buh", the 'c' says ... well, you get the picture.) and after making all of the sounds, I asked her to put the letters onto the matching letters. Yes, they were lined up. Yes, I made it simple for her to do. But. She could have done anything AND she didn't. What she did do was, she put those letters onto the correct matching letters! I was and still am a very proud teaching mama!

Here's where Vada did struggle. This shape matching letter 'A' page. She just wanted to put all of the pieces onto the page and not pay attention to the shape size or colors. So instead of really trying to stop her as she pushed piece by piece onto the page I grabbed them and said the color and said that that color went onto its match.

We finished our letter 'A' day with an apple seed counting activity. 

We went up to the number five.

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