Monday, August 19, 2013

Back By Popular Demand

Today was my girls' official but unofficial first day back to school. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it? Let me explain. Kiliegh, my middle daughter, goes to her biological dads every other week for visitations (It may be a shocker if your just tuning in- we are a beautifully "blended" family.). Last week was our area's first week back to school so here is Jasmine's official first day of eighth grade pictures...

Today however, was their first day back to school together. So of course, being the mother that I am, I had them pose. I also decided this would be Vada's first "official" first day of preschool, actually, were counting this as preschool1, we'll see what next year brings. I'm sure we'll be doing a second year and I look forward to it!

chalkboard prints were downloaded from THIS website.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a the below photo asking for "friends" opinions on which backpack to get Vada. We then narrowed it down to two choices and without telling anyone which one I liked the best (the paper dolls) and which one my husband wanted (the butterflies), the voting began! Believe it or not it was really close! In the end I think that the butterflies won but I had already made my choice to let my husbands vote win this one anyway and ordered the butterfly backpack before the voting had ended...

Here is Vada strutting her first day of school, in her new "Flutterby" back pack

"First Day of Preschool" page was downloaded from THIS website.

Pretty cute, huh?!!


Jenni said...

Very cute! I love Vada's sass in the sisters' picture!

Sarai said...

Love Jasmines backpack! Vadas backpack is adorable. Definitely a tough decision, all of them are so cute! Hope your girls have a great year