Thursday, August 29, 2013

'B' is for Jesse {Bear}: Day Five

Today we finally wrapped up Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? and I am using the word "finally" loosely because this book and this row has been another enjoyable adventure!

Since we have also been working on refreshing our "Letter of the Week" week of letter 'B' we tied the two together. We started off by finishing up Vada's lapbook/journal work pages.

We worked on coloring, cutting and pasting.

We then moved onto a game called "Find the Bears!"

After the game we continued to color more things that start with the letter 'B'. Can you tell that she was thrilled?

She was totally done! You may be wondering how I knew this. Call it intuition, if you will. It may have been the pretend sleeping or snoring noises that she was making that clued me off but the final moment was when she looked me directly in the eyes and began scribbling. It. was. too. funny! It was like she was trying to be like "okay Mom, I'm doing it, but I don't want to be!" I love her sass. Love it!

Next we did a gummy bear color sorting activity. We used real candy and guess what? Guess!!, I'll wait... ... ... She didn't eat any during the whole activity and not because she didn't know what they were, she did, but because she understood we had something that we were doing with them first! Call me what you will, naive, whatever, but I know she knew it was candy (she kept saying "mmmm", like yum) and I believe that she understood that this was not the time to eat the candy. She. did. good.

After we sorted all of the bears we then resorted them on a sheet of paper by counting them out. After each color had been counted the number was then wrote underneath the pile of gummies and we went onto the next color.

Vada was rewarded for her hard work and mathematical dedication with some of very own gummy bears that I had set aside before we started this activity. She was grateful!

Next be played in the sand, just like Jesse Bear in our book!

"sand in my hands"

Our companion books this week were:

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