Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Becoming Heart Healthy

"Vada is doing Well."

"She has a tiny VSD and her Tricuspid valve (TR) is somewhat leaky; but these should not cause any problems for her over the next several years. Due to the way the VSD and TR interact, I would like to see her back in three months to re-check an echo and look for signs of pulmonary hypertension." 

The above was the doctors notes on today's discharge papers for Vada.

Vada had a check-up appointment with her cardiologist today. It was a routine visit and from the conversation that we had with this doctor during our last appointment in September of 2011 I thought that today's visit would be full of good news as well as with a one year pass between now and our next appointment. 

I wasn't completely wrong. But I wasn't right either.

It turns out that Vada is not finished on her healthy heart journey. 

If you take a look at the above diagram, I will try to explain. Vada still has a small hole in her Left Ventrical. In situations like this, typically, that hole would push blood towards the Right Ventrical. However, Vada's blood flow is going towards her Right Atrium instead. Her Tricuspid Valve is still leaking at a mild to moderate rate, which is also something not new news to us. Through the echo that was done today, it looks as if the blood that's being pushed from her LV is flowing over the TR leak, which could be a good thing compared to the other option which would be PH, and that's all I really remember about our conversation. I did ask about if  V's heart would or could repair itself overtime but due to the fact that she was born with a "unhealthy heart" it highly unlikely and not anticipated by the cardio team. When I asked about Vada having to  need another surgery her doctor said what he noted and what I shared in the beginning of this post.

The way that I am taking this all in and understanding things is that Vada may not need surgery now, but within the next couple of years another OHS wouldn't be a surprise. But then again I am not the doctor. In three months, at our next cardio appointment we will re-check everything and I will have a better idea and understanding about whats really going on and what to expect. 

What I do know now is that instead of moving to yearly check-ups we have moved back to every three months but I am grateful that Vada has a fantastic Cardiologist and team working hard to make sure that her heart is a healthy one and I am going to keep thanking God for that!

 Ive been reading this great book called The Resolution for Women and in it the author talks about living for what matters most. She writes that today, this very moment is a once in a life time experience and by rushing through it (or in this case by letting the fears of the future possibilities consume me) I am devaluing this very moment and the blessings in it. I dont want to let fear take over like I allowed it to do before. I have no idea what all of this new heart information means or what our future holds for us but I do know that I rocked my baby girl to sleep tonight. I held her, smelled her, kissed her and told her that I love her. That was a gift and a moment that I lived in. I choose to be content in this season of my life and I have faith that God has this under control. (But I will continue to update on how things are going. Wink. Wink.)


Lacey said...

Jaxson also has a small VSD. Its because of his PH that the blood is not being pumped the way it normally would through the hole causing problems. So should I be happy for PH or the VSD? Not sure, but we finally have a great cardiologist as well!

April Vernon said...

Thank you for the update. I have been wondering about her appointment. I loved your thoughts after the update as well. Thank you.