Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sushi Saturday

Recently and while on my cleanse I had to make my own sushi roll for a couple of my meals. Naturally, that's where Justin stepped in, he love's doing stuff like that. (Me, not so much.) Anyway, Justin's rolls were delicious and he was so pleased with his sushi making skills that he decided to do it again only on a larger scale and made a whole family meal of it. He made several rolls  tonight for dinner. I got my very own plate of Vegetarian-Tempeh rolls and Justin and Kiliegh shared a plate of chicken tempura rolls.

Because my husband is also a perfectionist he plated the rolls like you might see at a sushi restaurant and then to add to the family sushi eating experience he also made Kiliegh her own pair of beginner chop sticks. 

Tempeh Rolls

Chicken Tempura Rolls

Kiliegh impressed me tonight with her major consumption of rolls. We have had sushi with her before and she is always up to eating more but this tiny little chicklet ate six whole pieces tonight as well as three of the remaining chicken tempura strips that didn't make it into a roll! I know that it doesn't sound like much but for Kiliegh, it is! To put it into perspective more so, I could only eat eleven bites before I felt as if  I were about to explode and when it comes to sushi, I tend to over eat as much as I can. 

Not bad for a family of three and a baby who ate the veggies and rice separately. :)

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