Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Not Torture, Its Therapy!

Let me first start off by saying that when it comes to Vada's therapist, I give them free range. This set of women are amazing and I trust them entirely with what they do. However, when Christy, Vada's Occupational therapist said that she was going to tape down Vada's hands during their next session, I wasn't overly excited. I don't think that Vada was either because the last night Vada began to use both of her pointers! Little stinker!

Vada's new pointer usage didn't stop Christy from using "the muscle tape" as I call it (but it's also known as Kinesiology Tape), Christy is ruthless--No, not really, shes actually pretty great but just as persistant as Vada can be, which makes them perfectly matched to work together!

The idea behind using the tape on Vada is that those other muscles are isolated so that V can feel what it feels like to have her pointer/pincer working for her.

And the tape worked instantly! Like magic, in fact!

Vada and Christy did many exercises together, each one helped Vada use her pincer grasp and pointer finger. I was amazed and the immediate change. Amazed!

Christy left some strips of tape for us so that Vada could get more practice and I am actually looking forward to taping Vada's hands together--who knew!


Christy said...

Love the post!! Great pics too! I hope she tolerates it as well for you as she did for me!! I know you will be just as persistent with her as I am:)

My Little Wonders said...

What a fantastic idea! And Vada looked like she tolerated it well enough. :)

April Vernon said...

How interesting! Thanks for sharing!