Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Family Tree

Each year one of my favorite things to do around Christmas is making our Christmas cards. I love taking the pictures and designing our cards (even if I am designing it through the Wal-Greens website). I even like addressing the envelopes and putting on the stamps. I know its crazy but everything focused on or pertaining to Christmas lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face,besides the crazy shoppers.

This year for my birthday I received a gift card for a family session with a local photographer. I planned on using our family picture from that session for this years Christmas cards. However, there is not one single day between now and Christmas that we can all get together to do the session. Plus with Vada's immune system being so vulnerable I am a bit nervous at exposing her to more people. So the family picture will have to wait until after Christmas.

I did consider doing the photography for our card myself. It is what I have done for all of our past cards and announcements, but I decided against it this year.

Justin's mom recently gave a book from my amazon wish list that was filled with idea's for Christmas crafts. In it I found my inspiration for our 2010 Christmas cards!

It required a little green paint. Lots of messy hands and a whole lot of giggles!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!!!

Garn said...

that is cool

MichelleH said...

Tara, that is one of the coolest Christmas cards I have ever seen! Love it!

Twilson9608 said...

Thanks ladies! I'm pretty excited about them. They are fun and unique and we made them which makes the idea even more exciting.