Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Crafts and Projects

For today's craft we painted the insides of Christmas tree bulbs. It was an idea I got from the Christmas edition of the Family Fun book. My mother (in-law) gave it to me as a gift recently.

I bought the clear glass bulbs at Target for about $7.00. Later I found them for $5.00 at Ben Franklin, (who would have guessed, usually they are more expensive than other stores).

We chose a couple of colors of paint and squirted them into the sides of the bulbs, making sure that they ran down the insides of the bulb verses making a puddle at the bottom. After a decent amount of paint was placed in the bulbs I added a tiny (very tiny) amount of water, covered the opening and gave it a good long shake.

You can shake the bulb in one way, making the paint go only in that direction or you can shake all over creating a wonderful mess! We did both.

The final result ended up being very impressive!

Yesterday, our time was a little limited because Jasmine, Kiliegh and I took a trip to Target for some last minute shopping. So, I chose something quick to do. Not really a craft as much as a little holiday project.

Oranges with Cloves. Smells great and makes a really nice centerpiece (if arranged correctly, usually in larger groups than what I used). I just grouped our little arrangement into three's, a good number to decorate with in my opinion. We have a small table so I thought three was enough, plus I had a great spot to put them!

I am a little nervous with the exposed fruit. Every time I make banana bread I have to leave the bananas out for a couple of extra days and our house seems to fill up with fruit flies. (Even if I put the bananas in the refrigerator). So, I am crossing my fingers that the mixture of the acid from the oranges and the smell of the cloves will be a repellent and not an invite for these nasty annoyances!

Things over all have been pretty good in the Wilson house. The girls have been playing and (for the most part) enjoying each other.
I haven't noticed anything that looks like a seizure with Vada...

...and she is really seeming to be more awake and alert. More alive!

Over all, I am feeling pretty good too. Things are good and I am praying that they continue to stay this way!

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