Sunday, November 7, 2010

Laid Back

This weekend was so enjoyable! The weather was decent, it was Justin's weekend off and Kiliegh was home. The only thing that was missing (besides two sisters bickering) was Jasmine, and we would have accepted the bickering if it meant having Jazzy here too.

Because the weather was so nice and we decided to go for a long walk and then to our neighborhood park.

Cody (our dog) was able to run off of his leash for awhile and play catch. Which I am sure he appreciated at the moment, but because of his bad hips maybe not so much later on!

After we came home Justin did some electrical work so I could have a t.v. and cable in the laundry room..., and Kiliegh gladly helped him out!

For dinner on Saturday night Justin and Kiliegh went out and when they came home they brought all kinds of goodness back with them!

I was surprised that Kiliegh tried sushi. Out of the girls, she is the one who eats the best and who willingly tries new things but sushi can look a bit odd, especially for a child. She however, didn't just try the sushi..., she devoured it! Sure hers was the chicken tempura and the California roll, but she tried it and she liked it... a lot!

Its not too often that our family is able to consider one day "laid back" let alone a whole weekend, so we were thrilled. So thrilled that when the time came to take Kiliegh to visit her dad we were late, because we forgot. Woops!

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