Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It has been a busy and difficult month to find time to be able to sit down and catch up in but then with Christmas and all of the holiday traditions, December usually does get a little busy.

We had about a two week spread of sickness in our family that started the night that the girls and I returned from the theater and lasted right up until Jasmine's 13th birthday.

I thought it was going to skip me since I hadn't felt sick the whole two weeks but I ended up with a touch of it for a day. Not bad since Littlebits had it well over a week and the longest out of all of us! 

 Currently the older two girls are on their Christmas break and will be until the beginning of the second week in January. 

Were all just "hanging out" and enjoying our Christmas gifts together. 

Jasmine's main gift was a laptop and since she also turned thirteen this month we allowed her to finally get a Facebook account, so she has been enjoying spending her free time on there as well as playing her Sims3 game.

Kiliegh's main gift was an iPad Mini. So you can guess what she has been up to.

 However she has also spread out her time pretty equally between her other gifts and has shown some of her creative side as well. (It's my most favorite side.)

I think that there is a huge commercial build up to Christmas and frankly I don't approve. To boycot I keep my tree up all December. We watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music and do all of the other fun Christmas activities throughout the month of December. That's why I wait until after Christmas to decorate gingerbread houses. That and the fact that my girls are on their break and I like to have fun activities for us to do together at hand.

Kiliegh, Vada and I attempted (attempted being the operative word) to make Fantasy Fudge for a Christmas treat. It didn't turn out, which was a real bummer because I SO love fudge but it was fun trying to make it together...

On a side note: Vada is really into being in the kitchen when i'm cooking or doing the dishes.  She can just barely reach the tops of the counters and she has figured out how to open the drawers even with the safety locks on them. So when I am cooking Vada comes strutting in, gets into a drawer, pulls out a spoon or whatever is within her reach and begins to "cook" with me. I figure if she wants to help i'll let her. Now the step stool comes in whenever she is able to safely watch what I am doing. She thinks she is hot stuff.

Don't mind the ugly bare wall by our stove... our microwave crapped out on us, the same day our water heater stopped working...


The classroom is coming along. We've had some setbacks this month, like our water heater crapping out and needing replaced but progress is still being made!


My oldest daughter Jasmine, is in a FLL Science club and her team made it to state. So this January we will be heading to the Chicago area to compete! I am so proud of her and her team. My family spent the day at their competition here in town and was able to spend time with the whole team and what a blessing it was to get to know these kids! They are a fun group!

Vada got one of her Christmas gifts early this year. This darling "grand piano" came from her Grandpa and Grandma.

Well, that's about all, everything else is all everyday normal stuff. I hope that your December was full of cheer and that your New Years was a blast! I personally was asleep before 2013 was even here and I am okay with that!

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