Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blocks and Puzzles

With Vada's third birthday quickly approaching the therapists and I have been discussing all of the things that she should be doing and some of the things that she is not yet doing and that we really should be working on. 

Some of the things, like stacking blocks were things that Vada mastered long ago and we moved on from, only now she doesn't quite "get" and is cause her developmental testing scores to be brought down. Quite frankly I think that she is past this stage, stacking blocks can be boring when there is so many other things that you can be doing and she shows no interest in doing this activity when it is presented to her. Either way, when your in a position like Vada is, where you are being tested by your skills and you kind of have to prove your self to others, it makes it hard to just be done when you want to be. So, her and I, together have to keep working at it until she is able to gain some of these stacking skills back. Don't let her cute smile fool you, she was yelling and throwing these one inch blocks all around! There was serious attitude being exerted today! However, she did try and that is all that I ask.

After we worked on stacking blocks we moved onto puzzles. We did the puzzle a total of three times. Each time we did the puzzle I gave Vada less directions and each time she gained more confidence in what she was doing.

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