Monday, January 14, 2013

In the Church Preschool Room

Yesterday was Vada's first day in the Preschool room at our Church. I knew that this day was quickly approaching but I hadn't realized that it was already here. Yesterday also happen to be my "helping day" in the Preschool room, (for the days first service). Shortly after the children started to arrive my friend brought in her daughter, who is roughly the same age as Vada and who was also scheduled to begin coming into the preschool room at the same time that Vada was. That's when I realized the date had crept up on me! Since the morning had barely begun I eagerly went to get Vada from the nursery to bring her down to the preschool room. I was both excited and nervous about this moment but mostly grateful that it was my morning to be helping out. Now I could keep an eye on Vada and not feel like I was being an over protective mom by sticking around. 

I mostly watched from the side lines as Vada played and explored the bigger room and all of the new toys and kids. Things went smoothly and she seemed to be really enjoying herself. While Vada played, I couldn't help but notice a slight difference in her play in comparison with the other three year old's, mainly that she wasn't pretending or talking quite as much -yet. Everyone however, including Vada, were all doing their own things, keeping themselves busy and entertained!

During the first service, in the preschool room, was more of a play session for the three year old's. They were separated from the older children who would come in during Sunday school and during the second service of church. During those two portions, I would be away. The adult also take classes and then I personally would be going to the second service. Which would mean that Vada would then spend her time in the preschool room with her teachers (all ladies that I know) and her classmates (children three to six years old). 

I was nervous. I had no reason to be. Like I said, I knew everyone and I love them and more importantly, I know that they love her. Yet, there I was, with the feeling of a weighted pressure on my chest, tears in my eyes and both hands shaking. The youth pastor happened to be walking through and happened to have asked me how it was going. If he hadn't asked me.. well, I wouldn't have spilled those tears for all to see, but he did ask and I was emotional and I cried. Lol. Poor guy, he probably wasn't expecting that! But an amazing thing kind of happened as I was talking to him.  I was telling him that Vada was fine, that these emotions were all on me, that this was good for her that being with older children was going to be good for her and so on and so on and so on... 

Vada happen to be sitting a couple of feet in front of us. She was out of hearing range but within sight. My sweet little soon-to-be three year old turned around so that she could see me and she waved in our direction and then she blew me a kiss, kind of like she was reaffirming that indeed, everything was going to be alright!

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April Vernon said...

So glad she did well! Levi loves his Bible class. Transitioning from the baby class to the 2 year old class was hard for a few weeks but now he climbs right in his chair and is ready to roll!