Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the First Time

Justin and I took all three of the girls ice skating last night. It was our first time, with the excepting of Justin having gone skating before. V and I didn't get into skates. I have attempted rollerblading once, years ago, too long ago to even remember when and it wasn't a success so I wasn't willing to try ice skating while holding my toddler. I was quite content standing on the cold sidelines watching my family skate in endless circles (lol)...

Vada, if you don't already know is almost three years old(!) and she acts just like a three year old younger sibling would.., determined to do everything her older siblings are doing! She. Wanted. On. That. Ice! So, she did get to go a few rounds with her "PaPa" and she absolutely loved it!

Jasmine compared ice skating to rollerblading and only tasted the ice a couple of times.

Kiliegh clung to the side walls for most of the night but did venture out on her own a few times.

By the end of the night both girls were attempting to do circles and Jasmine was even attempting to race Justin so I think that its safe to say that they felt pretty comfortable out there, especially for their first time!

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Very nice , I love to visit your blog and commend your hard work, investment of time and dedication to your family !