Friday, December 3, 2010


Tonight Jasmine earned her orange belt in Karate. This was her second promotion since beginning Karate. I unfortunately missed her first promotion. However, I was here tonight and I was so proud of her determination and the skills that she has already acquired.

Jasmine and her peers were worked pretty hard for about forty minutes. They had to demonstrate everything that they had been taught so far and they had to keep up with each other (for the most part). It was very impressive to see all of the kids doing the steps in a pretty close form of unison.

Jasmine goes to Karate twice a week. Her next promotion will be from an orange belt to a yellow one. She has worn her orange belt once (tonight) and she is already talking about not being able to wait until she has her yellow one.

I am so happy that she is in an activity that she enjoys and something that teaches about self respect, control and respect for others. I really, really like that she choose Karate and I am really proud of her accomplishments already. I cant wait to see what she accomplishes and learns with each new level.

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