Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Magic Key

About a month before our first Christmas together (as a couple and as a family), Justin and I went to Wallaces Garden Center. Justin had been working as an electrician at the time and was doing a lot of work there so he had the opportunity to see them setting all of their Christmas stuff out. Knowing my love for Christmas he was excited to take me and I was shocked at how much "stuff" they had. Wallace's has an amazing store. It's not just for gardening but for the inside of your home too. Their selection during Christmas time is almost overwhelming..., in a good way!

We hadn't been in the store more than a minute when we ran across "Santa's Magic Key".

It's such a fun idea for those who live in apartments or a house with out a fire place. Naturally we bought it and when we showed it to the girls they were thrilled. They seemed also to be very relieved as well. Apparently they were very concerned about Santa not being able to deliver their gifts with out a fire place. Which is funny to me since we have never lived anywhere with one.

Each year the key is given to one of the girls. I think Jasmine started off with it the first year...

and then Kiliegh. It could have been vice versa, either way, they have both had a chance to leave Santa his Magic key.

This year, the key was passed to Vada. We thought it was only natural for her and I to do it together since it was her first Christmas. (Plus, Justin fell asleep early and accidentally forgot about the key...I benefited on that one, usually he does the key with the girls.

I have to say that she took her job very seriously.

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Garn said...

you truly have an amazing family! Thanks for sharing!