Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Time Feedings

My husband is a beautiful man. However, that patch of hair under his nose is something that I don't look forward to every year! However, it is there for a good cause and before I talk about anything else I feel the need to explain his looks first.

Over the past few years a group of friends (all males, naturally) grow mustaches in a slightly competitive way. They start the growing process on Thanksgiving with a cleanly shaven face and go until about a week before Christmas. At the end of the growth spree they all primp to make some pretty impressive looking mustaches.

What would be the purpose of this ritual be? Well, like I said, its for a good cause. To raise money for the local Child Abuse Council. It started with a group of our friends and a couple of years ago it became sponsored by local radio station icons Dave and Darran. Now its known throughout our whole area. I do think it's a fun idea and I always make an improper comment..., "What better way to raise money for abused children than to make yourselves look like pedophiles." (I know that the statement is wrong in many ways...)

So yeah, I totally support the cause, but the days leading up to the event become quite hairy. Ha!

This year it just so happens that we attempted to switch Vada from being breast feed to the bottle and Daddy was able to feed her..., only he had a huge mess on his face.

Really, it's okay though because the look on both of their faces were priceless.

It only lasted for a few brief seconds and I can only imagine how Justin felt to finally be able to feed his daughter.

Jasmine even had the opportunity to attempt a feeding.

Some day (when she is forty) she is going to make a wonderful mother. She is so great with Vada.

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