Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Handful of {Santa} Memories

One Christmas that I vividly remember is from when I was around six or seven years old. (I lived with my biological mother at that time.) I remember a big beautiful tree. I think that it was real but i'm not certain. What I know for sure happened either on Christmas Eve after "Santa" came and delivered gifts or over a period of days leading up to Christmas Day. What I remember is secretly opening all of my gifts.

I was one naughty little girl and probably deserved a little coal in my stocking that year!

I remember carefully pealing off the tape from one side of each package and peaking in just to see and then I strategically placed the taped back on the same spot so that it was it seemed as if nothing had been touched.

Needless to say, my mom caught on and my punishment was that I didn't get the gift that I opened (I think that the punishment was that I lost every gift that I opened, but she only knew of the one.., I think there were actually several.  It was over twenty years ago and my memory is a bit fuzzy but i'm sure you get the idea.) Turns out that the gift I lost was a Care Bear plastic mug. The top of it was the ears of the bear with a slot for a straw. Nothing overly extravagant, but something that I had really really liked at the time. Funny thing about this memory is that it always makes me smile-- now.

Christmas' with my biological dad and his mom, my Grandma Evelyn were always special and I have many great memories of them as well. "Santa" left notes with rhyming puzzle for me at Grandma's house. I would have to read the note, figure it out and that note would lead me to another. Eventually, a note would lead me to a gift.

My Grandmother made me amazing gifts. She made me my first Cabbage Patch doll. She even remembered a home made birth certificate and everything. She also made me my stocking. It was one of those kits..., I think...? It was made of felt and sequins. It had a brown haired little girl who held a dog or cat in her hands. I wish that I still had it. I would like to make the girls each one that's similar to that. Who knows, maybe ill make one for Justin and myself too. We'll see on that one.

The greatest gift that my biological dad has ever given to me he gave me just a few years ago.  It's a that holds a special place in my heart. Its not only filled with memories of my Grandmother  gift filled with wonderful memories of my Grandmother, once a year it's filled with milk too.  I remember catching Grandma drinking "Santa's" milk from this special mug as well as eating his cookies too. It was the same mug that my grandma used when my dad and his brother were children and then she used with me. Now, I get to use it every year with my girls.

One of the things I love most about Christmas are the memories. I remember a handful of the gifts that I have received over the years, none from when I was really young however. Yet, I remember situations. The opening of the gifts. The stocking. Grandma and her poems... I cant wait to hear the memories that my girls have (or will have). I hope that some day this silly mug will hold a special place in their hearts because of the memories they are able to associate with it.



(2009 Christmas we spent at Justin's parent's House)


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