Saturday, September 7, 2013

She's Getting it Write!

*This is being posted late and comes from September 2nd, 2013.*

We started our lessons reading two of our four Patricia Pingry books and then moved onto a math lesson.

 I used picture cards that I downloaded and printed from and blue and red colored clothes pins to clip onto the correct number.

Vada is unable to open the clothes pin in anyway, let alone the way that it is intended to be opened but together we did it and she is learning.

We then went onto some tracing and pre-writing exercises.

This next photo I just had to share. Check out that last line!! Keep in mind that together, her and I used the blue marker but she alone used the red. 

Just in case you were having a hard time seeing what I am talking about, look at her red tracing line. Its fantastic!

We also focused on tracing shapes.

Since we were tracing shapes, I thought I would use this opportunity to focus more on shapes and so we played a fun bean bag toss game from Learning Resources.

This game was fun and educational in so many ways. It worked on Vada's gross motor skills, her hand/eye coordination, color recognition, number recognition and shape recognition as well.

Someone was being a little cheater...

We also went through this deck of shapes and color cards. I showed Vada each card, named them and then continued to the next card. She paid attention to every single card.

Next we had a special treat. My mother in-law is the best sugar cookie decorator ever. Don't believe me? Check out these cookies that she made for Vada's third birthday. Anyway, Annette (my mother in-law) made musical and cheerleader themed sugar cookies for my older two girls and their recent extra curricular activity choices. For Vada, Annette made hands with the letters 'V' on them as well as the numbers '3'. I swiped two cookies for today and since "cookie" starts with the letter 'C', I thought it was a perfect snack.

While Vada ate her cookie, I read two alphabet board books. This was our "official" transition time into "Letter of the Week" time. Were still focusing on letter 'C'.

"Colors" starts with the letter 'C' and so we played "Pop for Colors". Which in return helped Vada work on her color recognition.

She also worked on some fine motor skills with the spinner that you have spin to see how many piece you get to take, math, when counting out the game pieces as well as learning how to take turns and to share with others (being me today).

"Cat" begins with the letter 'C', and so we worked on a cat puzzle today as well.

This puzzle was a four piece puzzle with no picture behind the pieces and no slots to slide the piece into, other than the actual frame that holds the frame.

Vada first worked on puzzles from this progressive puzzle set when she went to one of her OT sessions and I likes them so much that I found a set for us here at home through Ebay. 

Vada was a little overwhelmed in the beginning but she was determined and you could tell it. Once we finished it together the first time, I wasn't going to push it for a second go but she flipped it over and began to sort the pieces out on her own! By the the third time she knew to flip the pieces over so that you could see the actual picture of the puzzle and by the fourth time she was finished. By. the.fourth. time! She did it four times. On. her. own. She rocks!

Next, we colored a sheet from our "Letter of the Week", Letter 'C' packet. 

Later, after dinner, we had another desert themed for our lessons. First I feel that I must mention that I normally don't fill my children with sugar and sweets, like I did today. It just kind of worked out this way. 

To go along with the red, white and blue theme I made a matching jello cake.

Now I don't like jello and neither does my husband, so this was not the desert for us but all three of the girls loved it and Vada was able to recognize the red and the blue colors from the cake, so I called it a sweet success to the end of our day.

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