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Annual Goals and This Years Curriculum and Materials

Well, I did it...or at least I think that I have. I am sure that I will be coming back to this list and adding to it with numerous things that I have forgotten or haven't even thought of but the general goals of this year have been planned out and it feels really good to have this completed.

If your going through this and notice anything that I have forgotten or left out please let me know! I have never wrote one of these, never and I got most of my ideas and information from online posts of other children Vada's age who also have Down syndrome.

While I do realize that this"plan" is not for anyone other than for me and for my personal teaching goals to help Vada learn and grow this year, I would like to make it as accurate and realistic as possible. I'm not necessarily talking about using the proper terminology but more along the lines of what goes into our goal list for the year.

  So as your reading this just please keep in mind that Miss Vada is currently a three and a half years old little girl and will be turning four in March of 2014 and that every child is different in their learning styles and in their growth patterns. Therefore, what is in your goal list for your child may or may not be appropriate for ours. However, suggestions are welcome.

Annual Goals

Vada will increase independence in her toilet training and teeth brushing skills to improve overall age appropriate self-help skills. 

Vada will:
1.)Work toward and eventually becoming able to push down her her own pants when prompted into doing so, during the correct times.
2.)Work toward and eventually become able to pull up her own pants when prompted into doing so, during the correct times. 
3.)Remain dry through out the day and in between toileting intervals.
4.)Use toilet paper, flush, wash and then dry hands after each bathroom visit.
5.)Wear training underwear during the days other than during nap-time and at bedtime with no accidents.
6.)Assist Mama in toothbrush preparation each morning and night.
7.)Attempt independent teeth brushing time after Mama has done her initial cleaning.

Vada needs to increase her self-help skills in order to increase independence with dressing skills.

Vada will:
1.)Work on training boards that include zipping, snapping, buttoning, lacing, tying and buckling and will use these learned skills with real life clothes and circumstances.
2.)Assist mommy or others with getting herself dressed.
3.)Zip her jacket or coat after it has been hooked.
4.)Pull on her own socks after they have been placed onto her feet.
5.)Push her feet into her shoes after they have been put on.
6.)Put her backpack on to her back correctly with minimal assistance and wear it to and from our classroom.
7.)Remove her backpack from her back and hang it on the correct hook in the classroom and then in her room after class.

Vada will increase socialization, play, and attending abilities to develop overall age appropriate social skills.

Vada will:
1.)Say/sign her first name when prompted.
2.)Identify her written first name when prompted.
3.)Imitate simple motor actions and body movements during songs and fingerplays with minimal assistance.
4.)Participate in turn taking activities during play groups as well as her musical groups, when prompted.
5.)Demonstrate appropriate use/play with objects and toys.
6.)Make activity choices when given two choices.

Vada will ambulate independently over all surfaces and elevations.

Vada will:
1.)Stand from the floor using a half kneel posture.
2.)Step up a 2-4" step independently.
3.)Ascend steps using one hand on a handrail and placing both feet on each step independently.
4.)Descend steps using one hand on a handrail and placing both feet on each step independently.
5.)Ambulate independently over all services, and stepping over obstacles that may come into her way.
6.)Jump up clearing both feet from off of the floor.
7.)Jump down from a 2-4" step landing on two feet with a "spotter".
8.)Continue to work on improving her overhand throw.
9.)Work on a underhand throw with a specific direction goal.
10.)Continue to work on her kicking a ball while moving abilities.

Functional communication skills

Vada will:
1.)Identify 25 nouns by name via pointing.
   a.)Identify 35 nouns by name via pointing.
2.)Increase understanding of 10 action words via pointing to presented stimuli.
   a.)Increase understanding of 15 action words via pointing to presented stimuli.
3.)Identify at least 5 articles of clothing either on self or on a presented model.
4.)Continue to follow and improve skills on following verbal requests embedded with positional words (eg. in, out, on, off, under, on top of).
5.)Label presented pictures/objects via verbal speech or sign language.
6.)Produce noun+verb/verb+noun phrases (eg. go potty, eat crackers, read book etc.) via verbal speech or sign language.

Vada will increase manipulative, dexterity and strength to improve overall age appropriate fine and visual motor skills.

Vada will:

1.)Stack 5 blocks on top of each other.
   a.)Stack 8 blocks on top of each other.
2.)Put together 6 to 8 piece puzzles with blank backgrounds with limited assistance from others.
3.)Work on hand manipulation skills to twist two objects together.
4.)Complete start to finish activities with minimal assistance after initial prompting.
5.)String jumbo beads onto lacing string.
   a.)String medium beads onto lacing string.
   b.)String small beads onto lacing string.
6.)Nest graduated cups up to five sizes.
7.)Color in between the lines of specific shapes (eg. in a circle, in a square, only on the specific letter requested).
8.)Draw vertical lines with crayons, markers, pens and or pencils, when promoted (continue to improve her circular drawings as well as her horizontal lines).
9.)Continue to work with Mom on hand over hand activities to work towards the goal of more independent actions.
10.)Hold scissors in hand properly with limited assistance and cut paper.
   a.Cut on specific lined area of paper.
11.)Wear her thumb splints 85% of the day and continue to work towards isolating specific fingers and her thumb when needed.
   a.)Have a full fist-index finger only point.
   b.)Use her 'point' to point to things that she wants, needs and during activities to answer questions.
12.)Use fingers for finger counting.
   a.)Isolate her fingers as she counts through them.

Vada will continue to work towards academic progress in all areas of "tot-preschool" year.

Vada Will:
1.)Recognize her written name in many different fonts.
   a.)Get into the habit of writing her name by writing her name on all of her work sheets.
2.)Identify all of the letters of the alphabet.
   a.)Vocally identifying the proper sounds for each letter of the alphabet.
3.)Identify the numbers 1-5 (and then the numbers 6-10)
   a.)Count objects into groups that equal groups of 1-5.
   b.)Use fingers to count 1-5.
   c.)Identify number of objects in specific groups with minimal assistance and then use a numeral card to label the groups.
4.)Identify shapes by verbal or sign language naming.
   a.)Using games, manipulative's and other objects on a regular basis to demonstrate her knowledge of the shape.
5.)Identify colors by verbal or sign language naming.
   a.)Use games, manipulative's, color matching activities and other objects on a regular basis to demonstrate her knowledge of each color.

We will also be transitioning Vada's crib into a daybed this Fall!

Curriculum and Highlighted Learning Materials 
(for this year)

Main Curriculum and Materials:
1.)BFIAR (Before Five in a Row) 
2.)Letter of the week (often referred to as LOTW on this blog)

Other Materials and that we will be using:
1.)We Choose Virtues (introducing this into our family and into our day)
2.)Keepers of Faith-Little Keepers at Home (introducing this and some of it's easier activities)

Specific Activities/Groups

2.)The Family Museum (for independent play, play groups, structured classes and for themed "field trips")
3.)GiGi's Math Program (If it is age appropriate this school year.)
4.)GiGi's Literacy Program (If there are any available spots open.)

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