Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vada Matching Uppercase Letters

Vada is working on the uppercase letters sheet from letter 'D' of the "Letter of the Week" curriculum (created by Confessions of a Homeschooler).

Vada did this uppercase worksheet a total of three times (that is including the time in this video) in the last two days. She also worked on this worksheet last Fall, only last Fall I am the one who did most of the matching. Prior to this video Vada did the matching almost instantly and just blew me away! I was shocked! She hadn't done this yesterday, so I didn't know that she could do it let alone all of the letters. We had done our school time at night today and so Jasmine (my oldest daughter) was here and I called for her to come and film Vada doing the letter matching for me. Vada was pretty distracted with her hang nail and her sister being in the room but she did the work on the page and if you continue on to the lowercase matching video you will see that Vada really knows what she is doing!

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Anna Theurer said...

Oh how I love watching Vada!