Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet Ryan

 A month ago The Roberts Family found out that their son Ryan, who at the time was around eighteen months old, had only weeks to live. Ryan was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and later with an inoperable congenital heart defect. Knowing that they were weeks away from losing their sweet boy, Ryan's parents together created a bucket list for their son. 

Ryan's bucket list consisted of simple things that his parents wanted Ryan to be able to experience while he was still here on Earth. Things like riding a bike..,

driving and receiving his first speeding ticket.., 

and yes, even having a beer with his Dad, in Ryan's case it was a root beer. 

These things are often over looked because they come so naturally in life but for the Roberts they knew that their son had a short window of time to experience them and so they began to check off his long list of things to do.

 Ryan did indeed experience a great deal of life's many blessings he also helped to inspire the Worlds largest Banana Split Party.

 With his family by his side Ryan was able to check off many experiences from his bucket list. Sadly, however, on Sunday July 8th, 2012, Ryan passed away. His mother posted this on her Facebook page the day of his passing, 

 "At approximately 12:10 while I held Ryan in my arms and daddy held him as well - surrounded by so many who loved him Ryan drew his last breath. He is without oxygen, medicine, tubes, wires, and HURT - he is at peace," 

Sweet Ryan, you have done more in your short nineteen months of life than most will do in their many years of living. You have inspired and taught. You have helped others see the greatness and beauty in Down syndrome and you have left a memorable impression on this word. The world truly is a better place because you were in it. 

Please keep Ryan's family in your prayers as they go through a journey that no parent should have to go through. 

If your interested in sending your condolences to The Roberts family, you can send them to:

The Robert's Family 
158 Amsite Rd. 
South Fork PA 15956

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