Monday, July 9, 2012

My Little Flying Fish

Recently, The Children's Therapy Center (where Vada receives her PT, OT and ST) offered swimming lessons to Vada. The classes are being offered through a group called the The Flying Fish. The Flying Fish is local  and it consists of young adults who donate their time teaching swim lessons to individuals who have unique needs. The lessons are individualized and one on one. 

Today, Vada had her first lesson.

I swear this class was made for Vada because she truly is like a fish! She loves being in the water!

I hadn't planned on putting Vada into swim lessons until next summer, when she is three years old. I have a lady who I have used with Jasmine and Kiliegh for the last six years. She teaches swim lessons to children at her home and in her own private pool. I started Jasmine and Kiliegh together at the same time, both were different ages but in the same class and with in three days of their first lesson both girls were swimming under the water and both were able to hold their breath for a good deal of time! It was amazing! Jasmine has since graduated out needing the classes (imho) and I still have Kiliegh attending. Anyway, I talked to their swim teacher and she said that she is willing to add Vada into her summer 2013 class and if need be she is also willing to do some one on one lessons with her.

 So that was my plan. That was until we got this offer for Vada to join the Flying Fish. I figured what the heck, why not. At the very least V would get in some extra pool time and I knew that she would love that! Plus, it was free. The way I saw it was it was a win, win situation.

 Prior to putting J and K into private lessons six years ago I had tried lessons at a local YMCA as well as a class offered through the college that I was attending at that time. I was disappointed with both classes because the "teachers" seemed to not take the lessons seriously and took the class time  more as an opportunity to socialize with the other "teachers" and I was actually hoping for results. This is why I am actually shocked to say that this Flying Fish group is a great group who actually take these lessons, the teaching and their students, seriously. 

Maybe, because I went into these particular lessons thinking that it would be just some extra "play time" for Vada and that her real lessons would actually begin next summer, I can be easily impressed with what I saw today but in all honesty, I don't believe that's the reality of this groups abilities. They. really. are. that. good!  

Vada's teacher was a perfect match for Vada. They meshed well together.

They worked on blowing bubbles in the water ...

 ... which Vada did do and on several different but prompted occasions.

Then they worked on a front the breast stroke which looked very similar to the doggy paddle. They also worked on having V float on her back. I think that they will have to work a little harder on that one though.

The best part of today's lesson wasn't just that V learned but that she enjoyed what she was learning and who she was learning it with!

Today's swim session lasted an hour and I think that after the first forty-five mintues, Vada was spent but she held out until the end.

V will continue to participate in these lessons for the next few weeks (if all goes as planned). I'm actually eager to see the differences in her skills and her strength levels from now until then After today's workout, i'm sure that the differences will be noticeable. 

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