Saturday, July 14, 2012

More Signs, Homemade TherapyToys and Reading Too

Vada has two newer but favorite signs that she likes using, "wash hands" and "book". I think her love of water is one of the reasons that she enjoys the potty training process, she gets to wash her hands afterward! (So technically, if you throw in her sign for "potty" and "poop" then she actually has four favorite signs.)

When V is tired she signs "book", its really sweet. We read before her daily nap, as well as before her bed time and of course we read throughout the day as well but V knows what we do when its time to get ready to go to bed. So yesterday, when V signed "book",  I took the opportunity to introduce her to her new fish book that we all made for her. She loved it too!

Today, V grabbed her fish book and handed it to Kiliegh. I guess she wanted her to read it to her. It seems to be a hit and Kiliegh seemed really proud of the fact that she helped make this book.

Also last night the girls and I played with a homemade slot box that we made for Vada. It's good for her fine motor skills. We gave her the XL buttons that I ordered from Oriental Trading Co. and I cut slots in an old fiesta box. We'll do this for a couple of more times and then I'll start to find smaller objects and use a different box with smaller slots. For now, this was fun for her and her sisters and I were cheering her on every step of the way!

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