Friday, January 6, 2012

Target's Newest Model

A couple of months ago Target did an add in one of their flyers. Their model, a beautiful little girl who happen to have Down syndrome. When I saw the add I was giddy! I thought finally, our children were being shown for what they were, beautiful children who play, laugh, learn and have friends like every other child.

Now again, Target uses yet another child who happens to have Down syndrome as one of their models. A Cute little boy named Ryan.

Ryan also modeled for Nordstrom's this past summer. 

The thing that I like best is Target didn't advertise that they had used a model who happen to have Down syndrome. They added a child that society and medical professionals often say we should throw out. They added a child who happen to have Down syndrome and to them he was just another child and part of their team. Noah' described it best in his latest blog entry called Target is 'Down' With Down Syndrome: 5 Things Target Said By Saying Nothing At All.

Ryan's modeling story also made it to the MSNBC's The Look on the Today Show's website, you can go check that out here.


Lacey said...

My friend sent me a picture on her phone a few months back. It was her target ad, and it had a little girl with DS in it! I'm not sure how it was missed by the DS community, I couldn't find the ad anywhere after that. (maybe thats why!) So I don't think its Targets first time! Yay Target!

Leah S. said...

Target is based here in Minneapolis. Every year, about mid-winter, they do a casting call for kids with special needs. Most of the time it's to model clothes but sometimes other products. If they model clothes they have to be standard sizes, which is sometimes hard to find with kids with DS (the short legs/short arms/long torso build our kids often have.) The kids have to be 12 and under. Angela was called one year but she has NEVER fit Target size clothes. Here's the post I did about it at the time. Target sent me the pictures they took of her. They were a HOOT! I'll see if I can find them and post them.