Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Friends Daughter and Vada

I have a close friend who has a daughter just a little over a year old. I am constantly excited about the things that her daughter is doing. And I am dumbfounded that I have forgotten that this is what typical babies her age should be doing.

 I am not sad at the fact that Vada is not doing some of the things that my friends daughter is (even though there is an almost one year difference in age between the two) but there are moments when I really see the difference in stages and reality kind of pokes at me. There are times when I realize that Vada is actually behind in learning certain things and while I wish that she wasn't I am okay with that being part of how she learns. Everyday Vada learns and grows more and more-- I see it and I am amazed in her. She makes me proud and my heart is constantly smiling at the things that she does and says. It can be hard knowing that your child isn't learning as quickly as other children but when I watch Vada I know that she is picking up on more than she is putting out and the fact that each day she grows more and more shows me that she is trying and working hard.

I am proud of my friends daughter. She is where she should be developmentally-- if not advanced in certain areas. Its fun watching her grow and learn. I love her like she was a part of my family because in many ways, she is. I am even more proud of Vada because, well, shes mine and because I know that while things don't come as naturally to her working hard and never giving up does.

I am a proud mother of three amazing, unique daughters. And while I realize many wont "get" this next statement, those who have a child with Down syndrome will... I am also proud of Down syndrome and the impact that it has made in my life as well as my family members lives.


To Love Endlessly said...

Love that last line so, so true! We're very fond of the extra chromosome in our home too!

Janie Fox said...

Amen DS blessed us.

My Little Wonders said...

I love what you wrote as well, especially the ending. :)

Leah said...

Hooray! Love this. It's great to celebrate other babies' milestones to. I've been doing this with my nephew and it feels great. Still a twinge here and there, but mostly just pride and love.