Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trying To Get Back Into It...

Oh my, how time has slipped past me this time around! Im not even going to look back at my last post date to see when it was! All I can say is that these last couple of weeks have been busy and full and blessed! 

Here's a brief up-to-date through photo's and videos...

Vada Had Her First Paid Belly Dancing Lesson
(Students may start at the age of three. V turns three March 2 2013. Vada is a regular attendee because of her older sister so all of the dancers have been very excited for Vada to try a "real" lesson. Today was ahead of schedule but all of the students gave their okay first.)

Vada Has Been Working On Drinking From A Cup

This is what happens if she is left to dink from the cup alone.

The Classroom Is Officially FINISHED!!!

And Played In!
 (Tomorrow we will be starting a more structured learning routine.)

Kiliegh's Artwork Won An Award! AND Is Being Displayed At The Figge Art Museum!

Jasmine (was the only student who) Gave A Presentation To The Board Of Education

And Along With The Other Members Of Her FLL Science League Won An Award Of Excellence!

Jasmine And Her FLL Science League Made It To The State Championships And Placed 30th(!!!) out of 80 Teams! (Only one team continued onto World Championships)

We Found Another GiGi's Traveling Gallery!

Vada Had Her LAST Therapy Meeting Due to Her Upcoming Third Birthday!

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