Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 GiGi's Playhouse "I Have A Voice" Gala

That night (Saturday, March 23rd), as we said good bye to Vada, we told her that we were off to go to a party to celebrate her because in our hearts that's exactly what we were doing.

My husband and I wouldn't have been at this Gala if it wasn't for God giving us our sweet girl Vada and we felt blessed and excited to be spending another year and another night celebrating the beauty of our loved ones as well as their passion, strength and insight on life that they share with us and especially that extra special chromosome that sets them apart yet brings us all together.

For me personally the Gala is special because I love to watch all of the teens and young adults who happen to have Down syndrome. They are full of life and the life of the party! I watch how they dance and laugh and party the night away and I imagine how someday I will be here with Vada, watching her with her now toddler friends and they too with dance the night away! And while I savor every moment of Vada's youth, I am very excited to share in those moments with her!

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