Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update on Vada ~ Trip # 4

We wanted to first off thank everyone who has been praying for Vada and this pregnancy. God is working! Please continue to keep Vada in your prayers.

We went to the cardiologist again, this is our 2nd visit with him & we will be going back up in 4 weeks. If everything goes as planned. If you haven't read any of the other updates, Vada has two "holes" in her heart. Originally we were thinking surgery with in the first four to six months of her life. However, today Dr. Bramlett said that he couldn't really see the hole in the lower part of her heart. He said that its still there, but looks as though it may be sealing up on its own some. This is great news! The hole on to upper part is still pretty large, but many people are born with this defect & don't realize it until they are already adults. So, we may be able to hold off on the heart surgery even longer! Plus, he doesn't think that she will have any troubles, or "side effects" b/c of her heart prior to surgery.

Then I saw my doctor, the one who diagnosed all of this. She increased my dosage for Procardia b/c the contractions are coming on stronger & are causing me more discomfort. Last visit she said I had too much amniotic fluid. Not a huge amount, but enough to be considered polyhydramnios. The amount of fluid has increased some (which could be some of the reason for the contractions & the uncomfortableness I'm having. We had another sonogram in Dr. Renfroe's office (as well as Dr. Bramlett's) today & Vada is growing! She is weighing in at 2lbs 10oz, give or take 6 oz., and her stomach hasn't changed too much, which is good. Over all there has been some slight changes, but nothing that Dr. Renfroe is overly concerned about. I'll be going back to her office the same day I go to the Cardiologists. Until then I am still on bed rest... another 4 weeks! As long as that means Vada will be able to have more time to grow, so be it. After today I am actually looking forward to laying down again!

So really, this has been the best news we've had so far. I love the no nonsense, straight to the point type of treatment were getting. Were not treated like another "case" or "number". We listened to, & are giving plenty of time to ask any and all questions. In return we get honest answers that aren't sugar coated. Today was the only time where we went up anticipating something new and alarming & actually left smiling.

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