Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Vada

So, this pregnancy has had its ups and downs from the very beginning. Needless to say, everything has turned out, so far, to be just fine. However, our newest concern was brought to our attition Last week during our 20 week routine sonogram. Vada's little belly is distended & during our 1st u/s her bladder was pretty empty. So our mid wife wanted to check again to see if any changes had occured. So we had a 2nd u/s ( I am using 1st & 2nd very loosely, we have had more u/s & honestly I lost count of what number these would be technically be) which was this past Tuesday. Vada's belly was still distended, so this is being considered an abnormality b/c we (including the midwife) are not for sure why her belly is like this. Its not overly huge, its just not the size it should be.
The one thing we know is it seems like this is the only abnormality were looking at, which is great. It rules out a lot of possibilities, at least this is our understanding of the situation so far. The next step is to go to St. Francis in Peoria. Rita said that they have an u/s machine that could tell if Vada had a hang nail. I never knew that was possible, but if she says it I believe it. Justin & I are hoping the answers we are looking for will come from what happens during this trip to Peoria. However, it may be one of those things that we'll have to wait until Vada's is born to find out.Whatever the case, I feel a little more confident that things are going to be okay.
Yesterday and today was horrible. The waiting and the not know was such a horrible feeling. Its hard to not let your thoughts travel to the worst side of things. However, I feel that I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful mid-wife who is on top of things & is caring! Thank you to everyone for your prayers & your time that you have given to help out. Thank you for your love, support & for your advice! Please continue to pray, I truly believe that your prayers do wonders!

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